About Us

Empowering You – Empowers Us
The easiest way to manage your
rented and owned assets.

Who We Are

We are new school tech with old school values.   We promise to provide you with world-class service while giving you the easiest way to manage your rented and owned assets.

After working in the construction and equipment rental industries, we saw a need.   It was a need to solve inefficiency and give people peace of mind in managing equipment.   We realized that it took longer than it should to rent equipment… and once they were rented it was difficult to track them all from multiple suppliers.   Adding owned equipment to the mix, things just got messy, especially when trying to solve it with spreadsheets and whiteboards.

As founders wanting to make life easier for our industry, we saw a problem and wanted to solve it. We wanted to empower contractors and equipment managers and make things simple again.

Our goal was to give construction renters and asset managers their time back and technology that not only benefited their work day, but saved money for their businesses and looked out for their bottom line.

Yardz believes in the sweat, grit, concrete and steel that this country was built on. We chose “Red, White and Blue” as our colors because it is in the core of who we are as people and a company. It is our traditional values that put our customers first, and the integrity we demand of ourselves drives how we do business.

We look forward to the chance to show you firsthand.

What We Believe

You Come First

We believe that when we put our contractors first, we will be first for our contractors.

Passionate Working & Living

We believe that our lives at work and recreation should bring joy to ourselves and energize those around us.

Pursuit for the Best

We continually work to be the best technology, best work flow, and best cusotmer experience for contractors, period.

Work Smart & Hard

Greatness and Excellence does not come easy.    We work at it on a daily basis trying improve how we do business.

Building Relationships

Relationships take effort to build.    We’re not perfect, but we are always willing to make things right.

Helping Others

We believe that our greatest blessings come from helping others.


“There is nothing better than letting people know they matter.   Our team is committed to our values and culture of making yardz a world-class organization and providing the best customer experience, period.   From our website and contractor tools to our social media and customer service; we are all 100% devoted to making you (our customer) our priority.”

Jason Perez, CEO.

Jason Perez
CEO & Founder

Joshua Schuyler
CPO & Co-Founder

Jonathan Maloy
Chief Technical Officer


Dan Hughes
Start-up and Tech Business Strategy

Dan is a seasoned COO and CEO level executive. Dan co-founded and is current Board Chairman of Mantel Mount, a consumer product company with 68% CAGR since founding in 2015. Dan acquired Coast Environmental in 2005 and operated as CEO until his successful exit in 2014. He currently serves on multiple Advisory Boards, serving as Facilitator on most. Dan has held a variety of executive level positions at General Motors Corporation, CertainTeed Corporation, and as General Manager of privately held manufacturing businesses. He has broad experience across multiple industries and business sizes.

Westley Parks
Equipment Rental Specialist

Wes is the co-owner of P&P Strategic Advisors, a consulting company for the Equipment Rental Industry working with owners, investors, manufacturers and suppliers. Wes is the former Chief Operating Officer at Neff Rental Inc. As COO, he was an integral part of the company growth and expansion, and eventual sale to United Rentals, where he went on to serve as Region Vice President until early 2019. He has a wide range of financial, operational, sales and fleet experience, as well as related due diligence and evaluation activities.

Michael Sengbusch
Technology and Digital Marketing Strategy

Michael is the CEO and founder of Eletype, Inc. and also serves as the CTO-In-Residence at ATDC. He works as a mentor and advisor to many of Atlanta’s hottest startup ventures. Previously Michael managed the product and software development for the Digital Marketing solution at BrightWhistle/InfluenceHealth where he helped produce the latest generation of healthcare digital marketing technology, landing BrightWhistle as a Facebook Innovation Competition Award winner.

Brian Macaluso
Growth and Sales Strategy

Brian is a chief executive and entrepreneur with a passion for leading and growing a diverse list of companies, both organically and through acquisition. All the businesses he leads share a common mission of achieving superior customer experiences, and delivering better outcomes for the shareholders, its customers, and its employees. He has significant experience in acquiring developing companies, growing them and ultimately driving shareholder value through sale or merger. He most notably directly contributed to the growth of Corporate Express (now Staples) into a $1.4 Billion a year company building their sales teams and channels and most recently the purchase of a company that he grew to an 8-figure exit at more than double the standard multiplier.

Shane Matthews
Start-Up Catalyst and Expert

Shane is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful start-ups and several exits. He is a key person at Georgia Techâ„¢s ATDC with years of experience as one of their most successful and trusted catalysts. With a background in both construction and manufacturing, Shane has led companies in the space to achieve IP patents for companies that are later acquired and by industry leaders to further grow their technology portfolio.

Ron Antinori
Start-Up and Sales Strategist

With more than 25 years’ experience working with leading global technology companies on game changing offerings such as data and application integration in healthcare, his career has evolved to take him from highly technical roles to strategic advisor roles for developing the ideal services that can best solve customer problems.