Say goodbye to your whiteboards or outdated Excel logs that are currently managing your logistics.   With YARDZ, all your schedules, all your drivers, all your moves are managed with ease.

Logistic Scheduling

Plan where and when your asset needs to be and then, with a click of a button you can dispatch your drivers.   All the information needed about moving the asset will go to your drivers for easy management.

Add Your Drivers

Choose which team members can be assigned to logistic pickups and delivery.   Even add email addresses from 3rd party drivers to dispatch moves.

Mobile Load and Unload

Drivers have mobile-friendly pages to quickly and easily manage the load and unload process without the need for logging in.

Multiple Ways to Manage

Like most features in YARDZ, you can manage logistic events in multiple ways. See events at an asset level, in list view, or Kanban board.

A full suite of tools to manage your assets, tools, materials,  projects, and teams

Whether you rent a lot, own a lot, or both, YARDZ has created a full suite of tools to help manage all asset types, projects, and team members.