Tool Checkout

Know who has what tool or asset and when it’s scheduled to be returned.   Whether you have a tool cage or are assigning company trucks to your employees, Tool Checkout with YARDZ increases accountability and visibility.

Run Your Tool Cage

With the Tool Checkout module, your cage manager can quickly assign tools and equipment to team members, easily return those items or reassign them to someone else.

Tool / Asset History

Over time you can collect data on who has used a tool or asset along with return and checkout notes to indicate damage, repair, etc.    


Every Monday morning your team members get an email with a breakdown of all assets or tools in their possession.    With a single click, your team member can confirm they still have the tool or asset.   This weekly accountability means that missing/stolen assets are reported in a timely fashion.

A full suite of tools to manage your assets, projects, and teams

Whether you rent a lot, own a lot, or both, YARDZ has created a full suite of tools to help manage assets, projects, and team members.