Customer Support

The tech experience is broken and we have made it our mission to fix it.

Supporting You

YARDZ has one simple goal, to be the best technology experience in the world. This means creating partnerships with customers and becoming part of their team so they feel heard and supported at a world-class level.

Talk to people, NOT to robots

Let’s us prove to you why customers don’t just fall in love with the tool, but come to trust the people behind it.

We look forward to serving you on a first name basis.

What customers are saying …

“I wish the IT guys for the other system that I am dealing with was as good as you guys”

Shannon Jones, Service Electric Company

“This is at least the 3rd or 4th time when communicating an issue to YARDZ where they have taken the lead in identifying and making all data entry corrections. It has saved me many hours of data entry corrections.

I know they are being paid, but based on my past experiences with similar companies, going over and beyond is a rarity. For YARDZ it seems to be the rule and not the exception.”

Keith Railey, Dragados Flatiron JV