Owned Asset Tracking

Load all your company equipment to start tracking location history, maintenance events, financials, team member usage, utilization and more.

Location History

As your assets move from project to project, YARDZ will automatically track the history of where your assets have been and where they currently are, through a number of automated processes.   No more long and outdated spreadsheet tracking.   With a click of a button, every team member can get the location history.

Team-Facing Notes

Let's face it, stickers and Post-it notes on your desk or the side of your equipment are not a long-term solution.   With YARDZ, each asset has a running list of notes that team members can contribute to so that everyone is on the same page and nothing is forgotten.

Utilization Logs

No more guessing.   With the Utilization Log in YARDZ, you can track fuel, hours, and mileage in a number of ways.   Logs are updated with inspection forms, telematics data, maintenance work, and manually.   Use Utilization Logs to automatically trigger maintenance events, or track overall utilization.

File Management

Get rid of your Shared Folders and make it easy for your team to get access to manuals, registration information, asset photos, and more.   With YARDZ, you can upload files at an asset level so that when you are performing maintenance or just looking for administrative paperwork, it's all in one place.

A full suite of tools to manage your assets, tools, materials,  projects, and teams

Whether you rent a lot, own a lot, or both, YARDZ has created a full suite of tools to help manage all asset types, projects, and team members.