File Uploads

Your team members are spread out across jobs, offices, and on the road.   With file uploads, your documents and photos can be accessed in one central, organized location.

Project File Management

All project team members now have one place to reference for project plans, photos, forms and more.   At a project level, limit which team members have access to important files needed for   the project to run smoothly.

Asset File Management

Get rid of your Shared Folders and make it easy for your team to get access to Manuals, Registration information, asset photos, and more.   With YARDZ, you can upload files at an asset level so that when you are performing maintenance or just looking for admin paperwork it's all in one place.


Organize photos and files you upload by tagging them with keywords to group file types.   With a quick search, you can see all the assets with shared tags.

A full suite of tools to manage your assets, tools, materials,  projects, and teams

Whether you rent a lot, own a lot, or both, YARDZ has created a full suite of tools to help manage all asset types, projects, and team members.