With all your rentals and owned assets in a single portal, the integration of your telematic data from rental companies and or other vendors helps automate location and maintenance data in YARDZ.

Data from all sources

No more need to log into all your different telematics portals. With YARDZ you can pull all your data into one single location to make the decisions you need to make faster.


Set up geofences on all your projects and equipment yards so that telemetry data can automatically update current location and location history, as well as create logistic events.

Maintenance Tracking

Have your tracking devices update the operating hour and mileage meter on assets, triggering regular and preventative maintenance events.

Utilization Reports

Instantly know which assets are under or over-utilized to make the right choices while running your jobs.

Fault Code Reporting

For those trackers that are reading from the computer on your assets, any fault code reporting is passed into your single all-assets maintenance portal with YARDZ.

A full suite of tools to manage your assets, projects, and teams

Whether you rent a lot, own a lot, or both, YARDZ has created a full suite of tools to help manage assets, projects, and team members.