Construction Tech Enables Sustainability with Jason Perez

Feb 22, 2024

Listen Here:

Jason Perez, is the CEO and co-founder of YARDZ, a construction technology company. Entrepreneur, Advisor, Forever Student and Mentor. Founder of a Construction Technology start-up and ATDC Accelerate company.
“I love life, I love business and love solving industry problems through simple business solutions. Most importantly, I am thankful for the personal and professional leaders who have taught me and I am honored by those who allow me to pass that wisdom on.”


  • Healthy innovation, “mixed solutions” and balancing the application of technology in all aspects of the industry.
  • Discuss construction, construction technology, and innovation in the industry.
  • Emphasize the importance of ‘Reducing’ as a key component of sustainability.
  • Talks about entrepreneurship and green building.
  • Importance of continuous learning and personal growth in the industry.
  • Exploring the potential of emerging technologies in construction.
  • Importance of prioritizing efficiency in construction projects.
  • Application of Agile methodologies and iteration in construction.
  • Integration of AI and technology for better construction solutions.
  • Embracing research and finding one’s own path in the industry.