Tech incubator in Alpharetta grows companies

Oct 8, 2021

“At the end of the day, incubators are tech economic development engines for the cities and the regions in which they’re located,” said Cashion. “They’re creating new companies and new jobs, and we’ve seen that right here with our own incubator.”

Yardz, which provides software for construction companies to track and inventory rental equipment, joined the Innovation Center in April 2020. Founder Jason Perez moved the company from Marietta. “We needed the network and community to connect to great mentors and a technology ecosystem that can connect us to talent,” said Perez.

They also needed flexible workspace to grow from two employees to eight employees. “We’ve done three moves from our initial membership [at the center], from a small office to a bigger office to the biggest office [in the space],” said Perez. “There’s not a lot of places you can do that.”

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