Yardz Offers New Supplier Portal

Oct 18, 2021

RentaLYNX, powered by YARDZ, gives rental companies their own portal that contractors can easily access, essentially linking rental companies’ fleets with their customers.

While on the supplier’s portal, they can conduct all the business they need, from renting equipment to managing it to allocating it and more. Suppliers will appreciate that this is a completely turnkey process: YARDZ performs all of the data compilation, infrastructure building, design, and setup. Once implemented, the customer’s experience is completely independent of YARDZ’s current offering.

“YARDZ has always been a contractor-based software,” says Jason Perez, YARDZ CEO. “But we found that by customizing and white-labeling it for each rental company and restricting it so that their customer is looking only at that company’s rentals, it can become a portal specific to that rental company. The customer ultimately ends up renting from that rental company. They’re not logging into YARDZ; it’s just powered by YARDZ.”

Perez emphasized that this is not a supplier marketplace. It’s a portal that allows suppliers to enhance the customer experience while keeping their company information secure and confidential within the portal.

“The reality is, there’s been a tremendous shift in terms of what contractors’ expectations are within the industry and what a rental company should look like,” Perez says. “Most rental companies believe good service is enough, and that means showing up on time and delivering equipment. You still have to have that; that’s foundational. But as technology has progressed, the benchmark for what constitutes a high-quality rental supplier has become much more demanding. Now you’ve got to give them tools to run their business and access data in a simple fashion.”

YARDZ has built a system that can digest data and build out the infrastructure so a customer can log in and see everything they have rented with that specific company, along with every other piece of information they need. They’ll get the same experience that they would get from a multi-million-dollar company, regardless of their size, Perez says.

Pricing will be available by end of October 2021.

See the source article here: https://www.forconstructionpros.com/rental/product/21784060/yardz-yardz-offers-new-supplier-portal