YARDZ Technology allows for Efficient Tracking, Managing of Owned, Rented Assets

Aug 11, 2021

In construction, many issues are baked into the experience of buying or renting equipment: Machinery lost or unaccounted for, time spent entering data and duplicate rentals are among small setbacks that can unfortunately just happen to diligent contractors.

Construction technology company YARDZ said it intends to fill a “massive vacuum,” in which people use manual processes such as white boards and spreadsheets to track and manage equipment, with its software platform solutions.

“Our goal was to give construction renters and asset managers their time back and technology that not only benefited their workday but also saved money for their businesses and looked out for their bottom line,” said Jason Perez, CEO of YARDZ. “We wanted to help move industry professionals away from whiteboards and spreadsheets and “˜into the future.’

According to the company, users can better understand exactly what they have in their inventory, reduce duplicate rentals and keeping close track of all equipment contracts and their provisions, which could help contractors save both time and money.

YARDZ said it provides many benefits for users of both rented and owned equipment.

On the rental side, the company’s software platform allows construction firms to see ““ in one place ““ all their assets in the field, the location of each piece of machinery, payment terms and the date each item is due back at the supplier.

As a result, YARDZ said, users can ensure that available equipment is sent to the jobs where the need is greatest.

The system also offers one-click call offs (calling rented equipment off on time is an area of huge potential savings), as well as alerts and inventory summaries.

For owned equipment, YARDZ said its software solution has the same high level of management functionality but includes additional features such as the ability to track and schedule equipment maintenance, in addition to keeping an eye on warranty information.

Although the technology was originally intended for construction companies and crews, it is adaptable to a wide range of industries and subsectors, including manufacturing, utilities, mining and others.

The company provides four different versions of its software: Pro, Corporate, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. YARDZ said it offers flexible pricing and is applicable for companies of all sizes.

“There is literally no parameter that YARDZ does not keep track of both on the rented and owned equipment side,” Perez said. “The beauty is that our customers are constantly finding new ways to use it, ways we hadn’t even thought of. The product’s benefits are constantly evolving.”

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